Our performance marketing network will give you the opportunity to start earning an income from your blog or website.

  • Our network is free to join and use
  • You get access into our platform where you can view your commission and web stats
  • We offer high commissions
  • Real time tracking, user-friendly system
  • Choose the ads you want to display on your website
  • We update all creative material on a regular basis
  • Training videos to get you started
  • Dedicated support team and affiliate manager
  • On time commission payouts
  • Earn 80% of the total cost of sale
  • Transparent in every aspect of our network


Reach new customers and increase your sales. Only pay for performance.

  • Free brand exposure
  • Best ROI achieved with performance based campaigns
  • On time statistics on sales and leads
  • Fraud control
  • Best tracking facility available to identify fraudulent traffic
  • We offer ongoing advertiser support even after campaigns have ended
  • No set up and ongoing fees


How often do I get paid?

Payouts are done on the last day of every month.

How is stats tracked?

We use a highly specialized system to track your conversions and statistics as they come in.

I applied but had no response?

Our team will review your website and application. The approval take about 3 days as we only have the best on our platform.


Our system uses state of the art reporting which is live. You can log in 24/7 and view your reporting and payouts due.

How much does it cost to join as an affiliate?

It's absolutely free. You will never be charged to be on our network.

Is my website compatible to run your ads?

Our system is compatible with all cms and site builders as well as custom built websites.

Does ClickSense offer support?

We offer live chat support, as well as email support 24/7 to help resolve all your issues.


Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, or need assistance with our network.

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